What Kind Of Skin Routine To Following While Taking Shower?

    Most of us have set up our makeup routine and we know what comes first and what after. Also, they know how to apply all these makeup products. Also, people have set up a perfect routine for hair care. 

    But, have you set up a perfect skincare routine while taking shower? It is important to follow some skincare steps while taking shower so that you can have glowing and beautiful skin. Did you know that the shower routine includes more than scrubbing behind your ears? 

    This article can help you to discover the best practices to follow in the shower for healthy-looking and glowing skin. Follow the below-mentioned tips to get soft, supple, and even tone skin:

    1. Remove Makeup Before Taking a Shower

    You should come to take shower with makeup on your face. It would be really helpful for you if you can remove your makeup before you enter for taking shower. The reason behind it is that harsh scrubbing around the eyes can irritate your skin. 

    Moreover, removing makeup before taking shower also ensures you’re your face is thoroughly and deeply cleaned. In case, you have applied tough waterproof makeup, then you should use gentle micellar water for removing the makeup.

    2. Never Use Very Hot Water For Showers

    If you are habitual in taking baths with very hot water, then this tip is for you. Switching to a tepid temperature is recommended because extremely hot water can damage your skin and make your skin very dry. 

    Though we know a hot water shower is very relaxing, especially during the winter season, taking bath with tepid water can help you to maintain healthy skin. 

    Hot water can take away natural oils from your skin and lead to overall dryness. And, you may don’t like completely dry skin, especially during the winter season.

    3. Use Cleansing Oil

    Applying cleansing oil before stepping in can help to revive your skin. Make sure that you do not take show right away after applying oil. Massaging your body with cleansing oil will help to break down dirt and help you to get glowing skin. 

    Leave it for a few minutes and after that go for a bath. We would like to recommend that you should use ancient cosmetics body oil for better results.

    4. Wash Hair First & Face Last

    You should start with washing your hair because oils and other products applied to the hair will drip on your face while taking shower. So, it is a good idea to wash your hair first and the rest of your body later on. Otherwise, oil or any other product left on your skin may result in a breakout. 

    Therefore, it is recommended that you should wash your face in the end. It will ensure that there will no clogging of pores due to debris. Also, you should always use gentle cleansers that are not harsh on your skin.

    5. Take Care Of the Scalp

    You should not forget to take care of your scalp because it is also the skin of your body. You should use scalp scrub once a twice a week. You have to apply the scrub before using shampoo. 

    It would help in removing impurities, buildup on the hair scalp, flakes of dry skin, etc. It will help your head scalp from the formation of molds or growing of bacteria that can lead to infection on your head.

    6. Avoid Using Loofah & Wash-clothes

    You know that your loofah can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It is so because loofas remain inside the bathrooms, which is a highly moist area of your house. Thus, it makes a perfect space for bacteria to grow and breed. 

    Therefore, instead of using a loofah of washcloths, you should use your hands because they are better than these loofas. If you want to use your wash clothes, then it is recommended to wash them at the end of the week. You should search for mild and organic body scrubs such as a coffee vanilla body scrub.

    7. Exfoliation Of Skin

    Most of us use exfoliators for the face only. Did you know your entire body needs a good exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells? Regularly exfoliating your skin will help in improving your skin texture. Make sure that your exfoliator is very gentle on your skin. Also, you should make sure that you do not overdo it because it can lead to negative impacts.

    8. Keep Showers Short

    You should cut down your shower time because taking bath for long can lead to dryness. Well, it is difficult to do, but it could be quite beneficial for your skin. If you do not like dry skin, then avoid taking shower for an extended period.

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