What is a Lifeguard?

    A lifeguard is someone who supervises swimming pools or beaches. He or she watches the water and keeps an eye on people. It is the lifeguard’s responsibility to intervene if someone is in danger or at risk of drowning. Furthermore, the lifeguard is also the person to whom guests can go with questions. The lifeguard is therefore the point of contact for the beach or the swimming pool.

    What does a lifeguard do?

    The most important task of a lifeguard recertification near me is that he is responsible for the safety of bathers. The lifeguard keeps an eye on the beach or swimming pool and possibly rescues people if they get into trouble. He or she then jumps into the water to take action. Furthermore, a lifeguard intervenes if, for example, disturbances take place. Basically, the lifeguard training near me makes sure that everything on the beach or in the pool runs smoothly and that everyone is safe. The lifeguard is also the point of contact for all guests, where they can go if they have any questions.

    The lifeguard is the only one with authority in the pool. This means that the lifeguard must always be listened to. Usually you will also see a sign stating that the instructions of the lifeguard must be followed. If necessary, the lifeguard sends people out of the water and must always be listened to.

    Work as a lifeguard

    A lifeguard can work in many different places, as long as there is water. Often this is at a swimming pool or the beach, but this could also be a lake. That is why it is important that a lifeguard can swim well and is in good shape. If necessary, the lifeguard has the physical strength to keep someone above water, for example.

    To work as a lifeguard, a recognized diploma is often necessary. Consider, for example, the senior secondary vocational education program Lifeguard or Swimming Instructor. You also need a first aid and CPR diploma. Because the lifeguard profession is such a responsible job, it is important that you as a lifeguard know what to do if you are faced with an emergency situation. Do you like that? View our vacancies for lifeguard and discover the possibilities.

    The lifeguard profession has a great responsibility, as he or she has to save human lives when necessary. It is therefore important that a lifeguard has the right knowledge, is in good shape and can swim well. Knowledge means a first aid and CPR diploma.

    Frequently asked questions about lifeguards

    Should a lifeguard be able to resuscitate?

    In principle, a lifeguard is expected to be able to act as a rescue if a guest of the swimming facility is in distress or threatens to be in danger. A first aid course with CPR is a plus. However, it is not mandatory for a lifeguard to be able to do this. It gives you peace of mind knowing that as many people as possible are standing by the pool who can also intervene if the need arises. A CPR course is a small investment that can pay off at a crucial moment, and then it will be well worth it.

    What about lifeguard liability?

    The lifeguard himself is not liable, but the pool is liable if something goes wrong. You often see that relatively young people fill this position and that is generally a good match: they have a lot of energy, enjoy working in a team with like-minded people and can approach guests cheerfully and pleasantly. Of course you absolutely do not want them to be held liable for mistakes and that is not common either.

    Can a lifeguard also give swimming lessons?

    No, a lifeguard monitors safety at a swimming facility. Swimming instructors have undergone special training and are certified to teach. Although swimming instructors are often referred to as lifeguards by children and parents in practice, it is really a completely different job. The other way around is also possible: a swimming instructor can work extra hours as a lifeguard in addition to his work in swimming lessons.

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