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    Spiderman Drawing Easy are many well-known and enduring characters in the Star Wars franchise. There are many champions to support, but everyone knows that the series’ antagonists typically have the most attractive appearances.

    Drawing Tutorial

    Darth Maul, who is a formidable illustration of this, is one. He was first seen in Spiderman Drawing Easy Phantom Menace, and despite playing a relatively minor role, he still gained many admirers. This was a result of his authoritative presence and stunning aesthetic. To produce works of art with the Sith lord, many fans enjoy learning how to draw Darth Maul.

    Because of all the details, his design can be a little challenging to reproduce, but this guide is here to help! You can recreate this dreadful bad guy by following our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Darth Maul in just 6 simple stages.

    Let’s Start Drawing Spiderman

    Step 1:

    • In this drawing tutorial, we will draw a close-up of Darth Maul’s head and visage. We’ll commence by sketching the outline of his head to get things going.
    • This drawing will depict Darth Maul’s visage as entirely defined and angular.
    • His jaw, forehead, and facial outlines are pretty angular and pointy. The tip of his collar and the outline of his ears will also be added.
    • The top of his head will be unadorned for now, but we’ll shortly fill that in!

    Step 2:

    • Now, sketch more of his collar and some horns.
    • The horns perched atop Darth Maul’s skull are among the character’s most recognizable features and iconic elements.
    • In this stage, we will add the first of these horns to your Darth Maul drawing and more details about his collar.
    • A curved line with a pointed end will depict the horn on the left.
    • Similar in appearance, the trumpet on the right will also have a rounded rim at its base.
    • Drawing some twisted details inside his ear and adding a section to his collar will complete this stage.
    • The third stage will then be ready to be completed.

    Step 3:

    • Sketch other trumpets and more minute details.
    • In the previous steps of this drawing tutorial for Darth Maul, you already added two horns; in this stage, we’ll add four more.
    • Even more angular and substantial rims will be present at the bases of the two nearest us as the viewer.
    • We won’t be able to see the base on the left, and this giant horn will somewhat hide the one on the right. In the following stage of the guide, we will add more horns and facial details.

    Step 4:

    • After that, add more facial features and horns.
    • Finishing the last of the horns and beginning the facial details are what you’ll do in this stage of your Darth Maul drawing.
    • You can then depict the tips of smaller antlers protruding from the back of his head after drawing two more large horns near the front of the top of his head.
    • His furious eyebrows should then be drawn with curved lines, and his eyes should be added below them.
    • Finally, draw some primary lines for his forehead and mouth before moving on to the next step’s finishing touches.

    Step 5:

    • Finish up your Darth Maul illustration.
    • This stage in our tutorial on how to draw Darth Maul will be a little trickier due to this character’s well-known intricate and detailed facial design.
    • But if you take your time, you can finish it quickly. You should carefully follow our example image when creating his facial markings.
    • On his forehead, the markings are composed of numerous angular shapes that resemble a mosaic.
    • After finishing this part, you can add your own finishing touches!
    • If you want to recreate your favorite scene in which he has featured, you could draw more of his figure or even design a background. How will you put this image together?

    Step 6:

    • Add color to complete your Darth Maul sketch.
    • It’s time to add color to this sketch of Darth Maul now! The clashing hues of red and black on Darth Maul’s face give him a rather distinctive color palette.
    • You can closely resemble our reference image to achieve the right colors to keep him looking as in the movies and television shows.
    • For the trickier parts, a little bit of accuracy is required, so you might want to use some mediums that allow for some precision, like colored markers or thin-tipped brushes.
    • What shades of color and types of artwork do you think this terrifying Sith master would look best in?

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