Should You Pay Someone To Write Your College Essay? 

    Some students are also preparing for their graduation thesis, but what they need most is not a tutor, but a writer, because the thesis with their name written in their hands is not completed by themselves and thus they wish that what good if someone can write my term paper! 

    As the saying goes, a problem that money can solve is not a problem. As long as you give money, from topic selection to weight reduction, these thesis writing and publishing teams can provide a one-stop service, which makes many students who think that graduation thesis is mission impossible very excited.

    A Dissertation Can be Life-Threatening For Undergraduates

    However, those college students who thought they had found the treasure did not know they had fallen into a big pit.

    The draft is very fast, but the pit is huge.

    It is forbidden in colleges and universities to write essays on behalf of others, but some college students still “take the risk” and successfully go ashore.

    Once you’ve made up your mind to contact essay writing, you’ll never want to write it yourself again when those services come to you. Because many ghostwriting teams will promise you: “We hire professional writers to ensure originality.”

    The Advertising Slogan of a Thesis Writing Website

    It is not difficult to find these teams, and e-commerce platforms such as certain treasure will be the first choice that college students think of. Once, you only needed to find a so-called “dissertation XX studio” in it, and you could have no worries from topic selection to defense.

    However, due to the increasing proliferation of the essay writing business and increasingly strict platform regulations, it isn’t easy to find a business that directly states that it will provide essay writing services in a treasure that has almost been cleared.

    That didn’t stop these teams from continuing to thrive, though.

    Peer-to-peer stores are hard to find, but there are few ghostwriting advertisements on the Internet. Directly enter the ghostwriting paper in the search engine when you want some one to write term paper for you, and various “official” websites will pop up. Xiaoxin also took advantage of the situation to find out a few websites.

    College students lack professional titles, units, and project funds, and most cannot publish core journal papers. It is rare to be able to publish a general journal paper. Some of these are indeed the results of some students’ assiduous research.

    But some students publish for the sake of publication. They don’t even think about choosing a topic; they ask for the paper to be written on their behalf and pay for it once and for all.

    This website is an example: writing a general journal paper is very simple. It is divided into three steps: confirm the publication, confirm the cooperative relationship, and arrange the writing immediately.

    After the topic is determined, the customer needs to pay a deposit of 500 yuan, and the website will make an outline; if there is no problem with the outline, the customer will give another 500 yuan, and the website will officially start writing at this time…

    At first glance, it seems quite “conscience,” although the writing of ordinary journal papers is not as high as the high price of core journals; at least, it costs three or four thousand. Before the final review, customers only need to pay 1,000 yuan, which is guaranteed.

    The one who suffers must be a college student.

    Of course, in addition to the above methods, there is a third way to find ghostwriting. 

    That’s right, those “mysterious organizations” widely circulated in various colleges and universities and cannot be identified from the group’s name are about essay writing.

    Such teams generally do not need and have no courage to advertise on campus. They rely on word of mouth among their classmates. Word of mouth is so important, so they dare not engage in too many “moths.”

    When you ask some one to write my term paper , our writer’s group will distribute tasks regularly, and those who wait for the money or feel they can “compete” will take orders. “Usually, a paper will be split and completed by several writers so that it can be quickly completed.”

    The daily assignment writer group. Figure / NetEase Finance

    College students should study hard; why bother themselves?

    At this point, you may be curious whether the current college students are not stressed enough or do not have enough homework; why have they already thought of publishing papers?

    If you have this time to think about doing something difficult to do, and you are still on the verge of breaking the law, you might as well read a book for self-improvement, or you will fall in love with a romantic relationship.

    However, sometimes it is not what college students want to do on their initiative, and they are also very puzzled.

    The birth of these ghostwriting teams provides a chance for college students to “smoothly upgrade,” and the cost is relatively low, especially when the funds for research or experiments are also not low.

    Many college students think they can sit back and relax after giving thousands or hundreds of dollars, or they may need to pay thousands to publish journal papers.

    “As long as you have money, you can have any paper you want.” 

    It costs money that would otherwise be needed but saves a long research journey and tortured paper revisions. It is indeed very tempting for college students who do not worry about three meals a day and have some money in their hands.

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