Nextech EHR Vs CureMD – Which One is Right For Your Practice?

    You are a doctor who is looking for a solution to your practice’s Electronic Health Record needs. You have come across two options: Nextech EHR and CureMD. However, which one is right for your practice?

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    As with any medical practice, the decision on which EHR to choose is a tough one. Nextech is a reputable name, and it’s easy to see why. This is a family of health and wellness solutions that can span everything from billing to patient engagement to medical coding and even mobile apps. With a clientele that spans the entire United States, Nextech is one of the most comprehensive practice management providers in the industry. The company has a staff of more than 300 professionals. Nextech also provides a slew of free tools and resources to help make your practice more effective. For instance, a comprehensive clinical and financial record database is available in the cloud. Also, the company has an impressive library of research and development content. On top of that, the company is always thinking of new ways to improve patient care. Among other things, they also provide a large number of onsite and remote training options. While this might seem like a daunting task, the company’s highly trained staff is well-versed in implementing a variety of best practices. In fact, the company has earned a spot in the Health Data Management top ten in the country.

    Whether you are new to the practice or looking for a fresh start, the best way to navigate your healthcare institution is to know your options. Luckily, there are companies like CureMD that are here to help you take the guesswork out of the equation.

    Learning curve

    A learning curve is a neologism, but it was also a part of the lexicon in the late nineteenth century. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus used the term to describe the process of learning something new.

    While the learning curve of a new electronic health record is real, it’s not a constant obstacle. Using a certified EHR can make a difference in practice efficiency and patient care. With the right software, you can speed up documentation, improve provider performance, and gain actionable insights.

    One of the best-rated EHRs is the CureMD. It offers a variety of features, including integrated workflow, powerful automation, and decision support. In addition, it boasts a high user satisfaction rate. There are 109,000 satisfice users across 44 states.

    The Nextech EHR is another EHR that has been lauded for its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows. This solution is ideal for a wide range of specialties, and it integrates with other healthcare technology solutions.

    Nextech Systems founded in 1997 and specializes in five major specialties: cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and urology. Its products are ICD-10 and HIPAA-compliant, and they are all hosted in a HIPAA-certified cloud data center.

    CureMD is a good choice for any medical practice, but it’s not the only contender in this category. Other notable choices include CompuLink’s Advantage SMART Practice and Epic’s AthenaOne. Both offer similar features.

    However, in order to find the EHR that will work for your practice, you need to know what your needs are. By comparing plans and offerings from each vendor, you can choose the most efficient EHR software.

    Quality of support

    If you’re deciding between Nextech EHR vs CureMD, it’s important to look at the two solutions’ user experience, pricing, and support. You want to find an EHR that works for your practice.

    Nextech Systems is an integrated health IT provider with practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. It provides software and services to more than 11,000 providers, including small and large practices in five major specialties. In addition to its solutions, the company offers training, education, and other professional development resources.

    Nextech Systems is one of the leading vendors in the practice management market. The company is dedicated to helping physicians and medical practices increase profitability and efficiency. Nextech products are ONC certified. They are also KLAS-reviewed.

    Nextech’s EMR is design to streamline clinical operations and improve productivity. This solution has customizable templates, flexible scheduling options, and personalized reporting options. Additionally, Nextech EHR software is integrated with revenue management, patient engagement, and billing.

    Choosing the right EHR is an important step in building a practice. It can help ease routine tasks, like transferring information to and from medical billing applications. And it can help speed up documentation, too.

    Nextech has a strong track record in billing software. This includes the industry’s first overnight transcription service. As a result, a practice can expect a short implementation period. During this time, a representative from the company can address your questions.

    Nextech Systems is a leader in providing practice management solutions for all physicians’ specialties. Their software is HIPAA-compliant, and they are EMV-certified.

    Affordable all-inclusive pricing

    When choosing an EHR system, you want to go with the company that provides a full suite of solutions to help you grow your practice. Choosing a vendor that offers an integrated solution can save you time and money, as you won’t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining separate solutions.

    One of the best ways to determine which companies are worth your business is to ask them what they have to offer. This includes all-inclusive pricing, personalized training, and an all-around support experience.

    Nextech’s suite of offerings is a cinch to use. The company boasts a sizeable client base of nearly 9,000 providers. Their products are HIPAA compliant, mobile friendly, and come with KLAS-tested functionality.

    CureMD, on the other hand, has been known to provide its users with the most cutting-edge technology. For example, their DRT MU is the world’s first overnight transcription service. They have also partnered with Mitochon Systems Inc., which will allow its users to migrate to their enterprise grade solutions.

    There are a host of vendors that offer EHR and practice management software. Some of them are cloud-based, which can save you money in the long run. Others offer free and/or low-cost services.

    With so many vendors in the market, it’s not surprising that many of them are willing to do the cheapest deal possible. If you’re looking for the best EHR solution, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition.

    Live US-based support

    For a healthcare provider looking to upgrade to a newer, smarter system, the choice may come down to Nextech EHR or CureMD. Both are lauded for their quality, cost, and features. While the former offers a robust set of functionalities for a small to medium sized practice, the latter provides an affordable, albeit clunky, skin of the competition. Using one of these two software suites can increase your productivity and help boost your bottom line.

    Nextech EHR is a well rounded and robust system that boasts a large user base of both ambulatory and academic medical centers, community and multi specialty clinics, and more. The software’s most notable features include an advanced electronic medical record, practice management, and a fully integrated clinical and billing platform. NueMD is a similarly minded cloud based EHR solution that can be customized to suit the needs of any healthcare organization. It also offers the sexiest billing system in the business.

    Although it’s not quite the Nextech of Alexandria, Virginia, this next gen EMR is a step up from its predecessors. Some of the most prominent benefits of using this solution include improved efficiency across all aspects of your practice, as well as better patient care and lower operational costs. Using this system also enables you to make informed decisions, thanks to its robust analytics toolbox, including the requisite data visualization tools.

    Nextech may be a tad too pricey for some health care providers, but with its stellar support team, you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of.

    EMA for ophthalmology

    EMA for ophthalmology is an EHR system design and developed by Modernizing Medicine, Inc. It’s a solution that combines cloud EHR healthcare systems with specialty-specific software. Design by practicing physicians, EMA is an all-in-one solution that provides ease of use, cloud-based functionality, and enhanced patient engagement.

    EMA for ophthalmology has received excellent scores for ease of use and phone/web support. The solution allows physicians to save time and money by automating processes. EMA for ophthalmology also features a mobile solution, allowing users to access patient charts from any device.

    EMA for ophthalmology is powered by an adaptive learning engine, which can suggest diagnoses and treatment programs based on physician preferences and recent care. This allows users to create customized charts that improve accuracy and speed documentation.

    EMA for ophthalmology also offers an intuitive user interface that anticipates charting needs of ophthalmologists. For example, test results can be entered quickly and automatically. Users can also reorder tests.

    EMA for ophthalmology allows users to customize their charts and receive automated alerts when changes occur. Additionally, EMA can perform powerful analytical studies. Using EMA for ophthalmology, practices can benchmark eye code utilization against CMS Medicare Part B utilization data.

    EMA for ophthalmology can help ophthalmology practices achieve value-based care under MACRA. It is prepared for the shift to more accurate claim acceptance and increased revenue. In addition, EMA for ophthalmology provides the option to ePrescribe in most states.

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