How to Install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on a WordPress Business Site

    Do you want to use wordpress development services Microsoft Clarity analysis on your WordPress business website? Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool that helps you analyze how people interact with wordpress development services on your website with shadow clicks, shadow scrolls, and heat maps.

    Why Utilize Microsoft Clarity and what it’s?

    Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool for business websites. It helps you see the most popular pages on your website and how the user is clicking, scrolling, and interacting with those pages. wordpress development services The most important point of Microsoft Clarity is data visualization. This includes clicking shadows, heat map reports, session recordings, and more.

    Heatmaps show a visual report of how drugs move the mouse, as well as where they click, select, and scroll. wordpress plugin development services Also, session recording helps to see how druggies see the content, where they spend more time, and what takes them down from the WordPress website. This information helps you produce a better user experience for drugs, improve performance, and improve offer conversions.

    Signing Up for Microsoft Clarity

    First, go to the Microsoft Clarity website and click the ‘Get Started’ button. You need a Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account to subscribe. After subscribing, you’ll see a Clarity dashboard with a popup to add new designs.

    Go ahead and enter a name for your design. You can use your website name to make it easily recognizable. Next, enter your website URL. After creating a new design, you will be asked how you would like to install Clarity. You need to click on the ‘Get tracking laws’ option.

    Adding Microsoft Clarity Code to WordPress business site

    The first thing you require to do is establish the Microsoft Clarity plugin. After activation, you require to visit the Settings » Transparency carrier in WordPress business’s admin. 

    Then you need to bury the design ID. This is the last item in the Clarity tracking law and will appear as a commodity like ‘ejbjp9k5ge’. wordpress web development services Make sure you click the ‘Save Changes button at the bottom to save your settings. 

    Counting Microsoft Clarity Code utilizing WPCode

    The safest and easiest way to add law to your website is WPCode, a stylish WordPress law particle plugin. custom wordpress website design This plugin allows you to add any script to your website’s header or footer directly from your WordPress business site’s dashboard.

    After you install and activate WPCode Free Plugin, you should visit Code Particles» Header & Footer page. before that, you need to bury all the Microsoft Clarity tracking laws into the ‘title’ field.

    Adding Microsoft Clarity Code Using SEO one by one

    All-in-One SEO is an excellent WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to seamlessly optimize your WordPress website for search engines and social media platforms. wordpress service provider We show you how to get the most out of your friends on how to properly set up All in One SEO for WordPress.

    still, you can also use it to improve the law of Microsoft Clarity tracking, If you have All in One SEO installed on your website.

    Just go to All in One SEO » General Settings » Webmaster Tools and click on the ‘Microsoft Clarity’ icon. A field will appear where you can enter your Clarity design ID. 

    WordPress development services This is the last item in the Clarity tracking law and will appear as a commodity like ‘ejbjp9k5ge’. Make sure you click the ‘Save Changes’ button next, and your WordPress node will be connected to Microsoft Clarity.

    The final study of the Microsoft Clarity Analysis Tool

    Microsoft Clarity is a new analytics tool with some great features. Although there is no desire for the custom WordPress web design essential Google Analytics platform, it certainly offers some interesting features like free heatmaps and session recording.

    often new website owners want to see heatmaps and session recordings, but don’t have the budget to buy decorative results like HotJar or CrazyEgg. Now you can use Microsoft Clarity.

    Using heat maps and session recordings, you should be able to optimize your website or online store experience to improve the user experience and improve your offer.


    We hope you like this blog. wordpress development services These are about how to install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on a WordPress Business Site. If you are examining for web development specialists and want to install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on your business sites then contact 8therate. 

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