How To Draw A Star

    Draw a star in just 7 easy steps! A star is something everyone knows because we have all seen them in the night sky. Although we’ve all seen the real thing, the symbol of a star is also instantly recognizable. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, puppy drawing easy scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing. It can be a sign of a job well done or even show that you are someone famous! The star symbol might look simple, but it can be tricky to do it right, so if you want to learn how to draw a star yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

    How to draw a star – let’s get started!

    Step 1

    I highly recommend using a ruler while working on your star’s outline to ensure the sizes are consistent. We’re going to draw over the first part of your star drawing, and to do this, and we’ll start by drawing what looks like a bottomless triangle. To simplify things, we’ll refer to each part of the star as an arm. As you can see in the reference image, try to leave a curve where the lines end because that’s where you’ll connect the other sides.

    Step 2 – Next, draw the left arm of the star

    For the next steps, we will replicate the first arm of the starfish that you drew in step 1. To keep the arms close to the same length, it may be helpful to measure the length of the lines of the first arm of the star, then make sure the lines that will form the other arms are the same length.

    Step 3 – Next, draw the next arm of the star

    This one should be easier, as it will create a mirror image of the left arm, giving you an idea of its angle. Remember that measuring the other arm’s length will help its length be consistent with the rest.

    Step 4 – now draw the lower part of the right arm

    In step 4 of this guide on how to draw a star, we will add the lower right arm of the star. Taking everything you learned from drawing the other three, this one should be a lot easier! The trickiest part is getting the angle right, but keeping your measurements constant and referring to the reference image can be much easier! With a little preparation and practice, I’m sure you’ll master it.

    Step 5 – Next, you will add the last arm of the star

    You’ve come this far, and you’re almost there! This should be the easiest star arm to draw since you have the other arms to use as a guide. Getting the right angle for the arms can be tricky, so you can draw your star in pencil first, then move on to pen when you’re happy with it. If you’re using a pencil first, ensure the ink you’re drawing is dry before erasing the pencil! If you erase too soon, the ink can smudge, so it’s important to do this step slowly.

    Step 6 – now draw a face and the final details

    Now that your star shape is complete, you can customize and personalize it! We’ve shown how to customize your star with a smiley face, so you can use that or draw your faces! You can also draw fun designs or even leave them blank; it’s up to you at this point! We can’t pause to catch how you spend your lead picture.

    Step 7 – Now finish with some color

    We’ve shown a way to color your star drawing, but you must let your creativity run free for this step! Will you opt for a traditional bright yellow or spice up your design with bold, bright colors? You can also experiment with different artistic mediums to achieve amazing color variations. Using mediums like acrylic paints, watercolors, pens, and colored pencils can help you achieve any look or mood you can imagine!

    This is how you can create your lead picture more useful.

    Make that start drawing even more awesome with these fun art hacks! Our night sky is filled with countless stars that are a wonder to behold. This also links back to our first tip for making that star sketch even better than it already is.

    After completing this guide, you already know how to draw a star, and a fun thing to do would be to draw lots of others around. These could be bigger or smaller than the one you’ve already drawn, and you could even try giving each a unique facial expression!

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