How to choose the best whey protein powder?

    Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness supplements and there is a lot of buzz around it. Whenever you start exercising or are new in the gym, one of the first pieces of advice that you’ll receive is to include a premium quality whey powder protein supplement in your routine. There are so many choices available that you might get confused in choosing the best whey protein. Ask your trainer and doctor to help you make the right choice. 

    You can also read the following tips to know how to choose the best whey protein powder. 

    Protein type and its uses 

    There are three types of whey protein – whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed. It is possible that for you whey protein concentrate works the best and for someone else whey protein hydrolyzed or whey protein blends work better. You should choose a premium quality whey supplement like GNC whey protein advanced that helps you achieve your fitness goals and gives best results. 

    Best whey protein for your fitness needs 

    The best whey protein is the one that aligns with your fitness needs. It is true that different people have varied fitness needs and that’s why there is no single best whey protein. 

    Building muscles – For muscle growth, a whey protein with high biological value would be ideal. Biological value measures how well your body can absorb and utilize a protein. 

    Weight loss – GNC whey protein advanced is a great choice of whey protein if you are on a weight loss or weight management journey. 

    Lactose intolerance – If you have lactose intolerance, then it is recommended to get in touch with your trainer to know which whey protein will work best for you. Usually whey protein isolate works the best because it has the lowest lactose and fat content. 

    Check the label 

    Read the label to know the nutritional information of the whey protein supplement you are about to purchase. Make sure it is free from any added sugar, is banned substances free, and caffeine free. If you are gluten intolerant, then the whey protein supplement you choose should also be gluten free.

    Enriched with digestive enzymes and BCAAs

    A lot of people complain that when they start taking whey protein they face a lot of gastro issues like nausea, vomiting, gas, constipation, diarrhea etc. To avoid any of these side effects keep in mind to choose a whey protein powder that’s enriched with digestive enzymes. This way it will be easy to digest, light on the stomach. For the whey protein to get quickly absorbed in the body, it should have the goodness of BCAA supplements. If you are just starting your fitness journey, you don’t need a BCAA supplement separately. A whey protein powder enriched with BCAAs would be enough to support your fitness needs. 

    Set a budget 

    There are whey protein supplements for all kinds of budgets available in the Indian market. It is recommended that if you are a beginner a basic whey protein concentrate will work for you. But if you are a professional bodybuilder or athlete, then you should expand your budget and explore more options of whey protein supplements. Also don’t think that expensive whey protein is the best whey protein. The one that suits you will work best for you and give massive gains. 

    Check if whey protein is for men, women, or unisex 

    Men and women have varied nutritional needs and you cannot use the other gender’s whey protein supplement. A lot of whey protein supplements these days are unisex, which means they are ideal for both men and women. But it is best to ask your trainer whether you need a gender specific whey protein or a unisex whey protein based on your health, lifestyle, and fitness level. 

    Check the protein quality 

    Don’t just randomly start consuming any whey protein supplement. Make sure to check the protein quality in any of the protein supplements. Proteins are make up of amino acids. Your body uses 20 different amino acids, out of which seven are non-essential amino acids because they cannot be synthesize in the body. There are four conditionally essential amino acids and the other nine are essential amino acids. The best whey protein will have these nine essential amino acids for proper muscle building and to support post-workout recovery. 

    Best whey protein supplements in India 

    The best whey protein supplements by GNC in India are – 

    GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein 

    One of the best whey protein powders in India that’s suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and athletes is GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein. Each serving provides 24 g high quality for building lean muscles and it is also enrich with 5.5 g BCAAs that help in quick muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. The main benefits are – helps maximize muscle gain, enhances athletic performance, reduces tiredness and fatigue, prevents muscle breakdown especially after intense workouts, and supports post-workout recovery. 

    GNC AMP Pure Isolate 

    Whey protein isolate is consider to be the purest form of whey protein. Whey protein obtained during the cheese making process goes through maximum stages of purification and filtration and the end product is whey protein isolate. Each serving delivers 25 g protein, 5 g naturally occurring BCAAs, and 17 g muscle supporting amino acids. It is also load with 1 g creatine which helps in improving strength, enhance lean muscle mass and assist in quick muscle recovery. It is a fast absorbing protein powder that helps with muscle recovery and also reduces muscle soreness and breakdown. 

    GNC AMP Pure Isolate is available in 2 classic variants – chocolate and vanilla. Both are delicious, easy to mix, and really versatile. You can make a protein shake, smoothie bowl, or add it to various recipes like pancakes, waffles etc. 

    GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced 

    True to its name GNC whey protein advance is an advance formula that’s formulate keeping your different fitness needs in mind. It is fortified with fast digesting blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed. Each serving provides 24 g muscle-building protein, 5.5 g BCAAs for superior recovery and better performance, and 100 mg digestive enzymes. 

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