How much do tradesmen charge per day UK?

    The salary of a British electrician is based on the level of experience and skill of the person doing the job. The higher your skills are, the more you can charge. It is common for a person with more than 10 years of experience to make around £38,000 a year.

    An electrician with less than 5 years of experience is likely to be paid £32,000 per year. Some employers offer apprenticeships to new electricians and pay them lower salaries for their first few years of work.

    The UK is a unionized country which means that all workers in the country are represented by trade unions. Workers are Electrician cambridge guaranteed certain wages and benefits in exchange for being members of the union. For example, electrical workers are covered by the national trade union, the Union of Electrical Workers (UE).

    Workers who work for a company with fewer than 50 employees are paid by the hour. Most jobs with higher than 50 employees are paid by the day. A typical worker’s hourly rate of pay depends on the industry. In the manufacturing industry, workers earn an average of £10.25 per hour. Health care professionals and teachers receive an average of £13.73 per hour. Those who work in sales and administration earn £13.33 per hour on average.

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