How Hard Is It To Get a Sponsorship License in the UK?

    The British Immigration rules do not allow migrant workers to work and stay in the UK without sponsorship. To administrate the hiring process of global workers in the United Kingdom, it is mandatory for UK employers to get a sponsor licence. After the implementation of the Brexit Deal to hire a French and German migrant, a sponsor licence is also required. The acquisition process of a sponsorship licence can be arduous without the help of sponsor licence solicitors. They can handle the documentation process well and ensure you get the licence within the promised time. Let’s find out why getting a sponsorship licence in the UK is complex. Here you will learn about some of the crucial steps required to follow to acquire a sponsor licence

    Requirements of a Sponsor Licence for UK Employers

    It doesn’t matter if you already planned to hire an international worker for your firm; first, you must acquire a sponsor licence. But this process is more complex than you think; there are several requirements of a sponsor licence that you must fulfil if you want to make it a hassle-free process. The UK Home Office issued sponsorship licences to UK employers to hire migrant workers. You can apply for one through their official website, but you must keep these few vital points in mind before applying. 

    • To get things sorted within the time, you must get along with an experienced sponsor licence solicitor who can help you immensely with the legal proceedings and execute all the essential steps on your behalf. If you require a licence on a priority basis, they can even help you with sponsor licence priority service
    • To get a sponsor licence, your organisation should be registered in the United Kingdom. 
    • Your firm must be reliable and authentic to sponsor a migrant worker. 
    • Your company must have a clear immigration record and should not be involved with any criminal records such as fraud or money laundering. 
    • Your organisation should not lose a sponsorship licence earlier because of the violation of the immigration rules. 

    How to Select a Right Type of a Sponsorship Licence?

    Before applying for a sponsor licence, you must determine what type of sponsor licence you want to acquire. The kinds of sponsor licences depend on the category of workers you want to employ for your organisation. 

    • To sponsor a migrant worker for a long-term permanent job, your employees must have a long-term work visa issued by the UKVI. Such category also includes employees on skilled worker visas for intra-company transfer, sports people and ministers of religion. 
    • Employees with temporary visas can get sponsored by UK employers for seasonal and internship work. Such visas are essential for those who want to work for a charity or visit UK for a tour or a competition. 

    A sponsor licence allows you to simultaneously hire international workers from each particular visa category or from both. As a UK employer, you must offer a minimum salary level to the employees as per the rules of UKVI. Apart from that, you must analyse the capabilities and expertise of workers to determine whether they are a perfect fit for the job or not. You must offer a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the workers and inform about the same to the home office. 

    Supporting Documents for a Sponsor Licence Application

    The documentation process of a sponsor licence application is one of the essential steps to take care of. It can be crucial, and one mistake can ruin all your hard work and efforts. However, a sponsor licence solicitor can assist you in compiling all the necessary documents and confirms that you operate your business in the United Kingdom. You need to submit at least these four crucial documents along with your sponsor licence application. 

    • Your organisation’s bank account statements for the previous six months. 
    • A lease and sale or purchase agreement of your office space. 
    • A registration proof with the HMRC. 
    • The last year’s audited financial accounts statement. 

    The officials of UKVI can also visit your organisation to analyse the reliability and authenticity of your business and ensure you are a genuine employer. The Home Office can take up to eight weeks to review and approve your sponsor licence application. Once your application gets approved, it will be valid for the next four years. 


    Acquiring a sponsor licence can be a lengthy and clumsy process for a layman. As an employer, you are also a layman if you are not aware of the terms and conditions of the Home office to sponsor a migrant worker in the United Kingdom. It can become more complex if you go for sponsor licence priority service. There various immigration and law firms, such as A Y & J Solicitors, can help you immensely with your application.

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