Dundee – A City of Joinery and Manufacturing

    Dundee (Scottish Gaelic: Dun Deagh) is Scotland’s fourth largest city and is situated on the north bank of the River Tay. The city has a long history of scientific activity, and is now known as the City of Discovery.

    It is home to a number of universities, including the University of Dundee and Abertay University, as well as the Dundee Science Centre. It also has an incredibly diverse economy and is the most prosperous of all Scottish cities.


    Dundee has a long history of manufacturing and joinery. It began as a small seaport, and became one of Scotland’s leading industrial cities in the 19th century, when the jute industry was developed. Joinery and manufacturing Dundee was also the centre of Scotland’s whaling industry. The whale oil used in jute weaving made it possible to produce bags, carpets and other textiles.

    Dundee’s location on a major estuary allowed it to easily import jute from India, and it was also the base of one of Scotland’s largest whaling fleets. Dundee’s jute mills developed into world centres for the production of jute-based textiles, including linen, canvas, rope and carpeting.

    After the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, the city expanded rapidly, mainly due to its port’s ability to service the entire British Empire. However, the decline of the jute industry in the late 20th century has seen the city transition to a more service-based economy.

    Today, the city is an important commercial and cultural centre, attracting large numbers of students from Ireland, the EU and other countries. It has two major state schools, the Harris Academy and Morgan Academy.

    The city is also home to the famous Dundee V&A museum. It is a hub for creative design, and features contemporary architecture that is loyal to Scotland’s identity.

    It has a strong community culture, with many ethnic groups living in the city. Asians are one of the biggest ethnic groups, and people from African, Caribbean, Irish and European backgrounds make up the rest of the population.

    In terms of population, it is the fourth largest city in Scotland. It has a density of about 7,800 inhabitants per square mile (2,200 hectares).

    A number of prominent businesses are located in the city, including banks and insurance companies. It is also home to the University of Dundee and its medical school.

    Dundee is a popular tourist destination, and has a wide range of restaurants, bars and other attractions. It has also gained international recognition as a creative hub for artists and designers.

    There are a number of public buildings in the city, including museums and libraries. There are also several historical landmarks in the city. For example, the RRS Discovery, known as the Tall Ship, is a prominent landmark along the waterfront and is a symbol of the city’s connection to the seas.


    Dundee is an important centre for manufacturing and the industry sector employs a large number of people. It is home to a number of high-technology companies, including the NCR Corporation, which has had a significant influence on the city’s economy since the 1940s. Other high-tech companies in the city include Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design), which is a prominent video game developer.

    Dundee has several universities. Abertay University, which has been based in the city since 1888, is one of the largest universities in Scotland. It is noted for its computer games technology courses. It is also a leading academic centre for biotechnology and medical research.

    The city is well served by public transport, with regular bus services and a rail network. The main railway station, located at the waterfront, is undergoing redevelopment as part of the city’s ‘Dundee Waterfront’ regeneration project. There is also a train station at Broughty Ferry, in the east of the city.

    A large proportion of the workforce works within the city’s industry and trades sectors. This includes construction, engineering and trades workers. It also includes office and other professional staff. The city is home to several SMEs, including a large number of smaller businesses in the IT and software sector.

    Some of the major businesses in Dundee are based in the City Centre, while others are in neighbouring areas. The business community is diverse, with a wide variety of companies ranging from high-end furniture to small, family run shops.

    Joinery and manufacturing fife manufacture a wide range of products, including door sets and staircases. These products are used in the building trade and in residential development projects.

    The market for carpentry and joinery products is largely influenced by resilient housebuilding activity, which provides sales boosts for the industry. This is because the housing market is the largest downstream market for carpentry and joinery products, such as doors, windows and frames.

    A local company has been appointed to help turn the ambitious 20th birthday refurbishment plans of Dundee Science Centre into a reality. Bentleys Shopfitting, a bespoke joinery manufacturer and interior fit-out specialist, will work alongside Aim Design, Christie & Partners and Elders Consulting Engineers to transform the ground floor of the visitor attraction.


    One of the most popular and prestigious cities in Scotland, Dundee is home to a number of high-flying universities, a thriving arts scene and an award-winning waterfront that rivals any in the world. In the past decade, the city has benefited from the PS1 billion Dundee Waterfront Revitalisation Plan which will transform the waterfront area and give this historically significant port city a much-needed facelift.

    Despite its many enticing attractions, the most exciting thing about this city is its people. The majority of the population live within a close proximity to one another, with a wide variety of cultural and sporting events being held in or around the city.

    The good news is that the city is also well-served by an excellent transport network and public transportation system. Moovit is here to help you find the best route to Bill Pitt Manufacturing Joinery Limited with our interactive map of all the best bus and train routes in the city. Our app even suggests the best time to leave based on traffic conditions so you can arrive at your destination in style. You can also view a list of the best rated places to stay in the city. Moovit is the most trusted way to navigate your way around this magnificent city.

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    Dundee, historically part of Angus, is Scotland’s fourth largest city and is the centre of many industries including jute, steel and electronics. It is also an important university town, home to the University of Dundee and Abertay University. It is a major tourist destination and has recently gone through a PS1 billion regeneration plan to join the famous waterfront to the city centre.

    The city is served by two railway stations, one near the waterfront (Dundee station) and a small one at Broughty Ferry, along with an extensive network of buses. Xplore Dundee operates most of the intra-city bus services, while Stagecoach Strathtay serves more rural areas.

    In addition to the city’s extensive transport infrastructure, Dundee is also home to a number of museums and galleries. It has a large library and is a base for many theatre companies and music ensembles.

    For example, the Dundee Repertory Theatre is a full time repertory company based in the city. The Royal Scottish National Orchestra regularly performs in the Caird Hall, and the city hosts several jazz festivals and guitar festivals each year.

    There are also a number of public art galleries, including the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre and the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. In recent years, Dundee has become a leading centre for the production of film and television. The Dundee Mountain Film Festival is held every November and features films from around the world in the field of mountaineering and adventure sports.

    During the second half of the 20th century, the city began to diversify its economy away from jute and steel production. A number of industrial firms chose to relocate to the city, including DC Thomson & Co and NCR Corporation. NCR set up a plant in the early 1940s and it is now one of the UK’s biggest employers.

    Bentleys Shopfitting Ltd, a Dundee-based bespoke joinery manufacturer and interior fit-out specialist, was recently named the Main Contractor on the PS2M CONNECT project to transform the ground floor of the Dundee Science Centre. The prestigious refurbishment is expected to be completed in time for the Science Centre’s 20th birthday in 2020.

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