CRM Functionality: 6 CRM Features That Fuel Growth Hacking

    Customer support  is no longer about answering phone calls and offering solutions. In a “digital first” state, customers expect more of a  connected experience than just a  solution. They want to feel connected with  support agents, like they’re in the same room  discussing things. Specifically, a real-time solution that AI-powered live chat support can’t always provide.

     Conversely, interacting with  customers interactively helps agents create an emotional connection with them, suggests Forrester.

     Enter CRM Software and Solutions – One of the most powerful, convenient and free solutions in recent times.

     Providing a quick solution is not always easy. In addition, not all customers are  tech savvy enough to select and navigate the instructions. In such scenarios, the support agent should always  explain what the customer needs to do during the call. With a CRM system in place, it’s easier to  track  every customer conversation.

    Using CRM software for support agents can help you significantly reduce customer turnover. And it is a great source of income. Because in an era of fierce competition, keeping customers is 25 times cheaper than acquiring new ones.

     This is how technology makes your customer engagement easier and drives growth.

     CRM Software Prioritizes Customer Privacy

     CRM Software Facilitates interactive engagement while never compromising customer security. Because it allows agents to communicate with only one agent without compromising sensitive data. For example, a field asking for credit card information is a sensitive field, not something you want to disclose. Some users constantly strive to remain anonymous to protect their privacy. For them, a CRM system provides an ideal solution where they can contact an agent, get quick solutions and at the same time keep their identity protected.

     Quick problem identification

     Customers like live chat because it provides instant resolution. But then there are times when support agents are unable to resolve issues. They lack context. The result? The time of talking is wasted without any fruitful result. With CRM software, agents no longer need to review documents manually. They can immediately access the client screen of the live chat platform. All you need is a push of a button and that’s it. This makes it easier for the agent to identify the problem and take care of it immediately.

    Single Session Troubleshooting

     Most troubleshooting problems are caused by not identifying the problem. CRM software eliminates this by giving agents instant access to the customer’s screen. This means that troubleshooting time is significantly reduced. Once CRM software is in place, agents can interact directly  with customer screens, navigate through important steps, and resolve issues. Because agents have full control of the screen, they can click, scroll, write or draw on their own. This helps agents quickly resolve the issue in one session.

     Since not every person is technical enough to follow an agent’s instructions, screen management helps agents solve the problem quickly. This helps agents to set up and configure the solution in a short  time.

     Better Customer Satisfaction

      CRM technology into a live chat platform helps agents create 10x better customer satisfaction. Imagine how long it takes to understand people through troubleshooting. On the contrary, CRM software allows for real-time improvements without any download or installation by customers. In fact, the support process is frictionless. They just have to  click “Allow” when the agent asks for screen access. According to  Forrester research, Enterprise CRM software can increase customer satisfaction by more than 78% through email, phone or chat support.  CRM software offers the user more convenience, real-time guidance and that too without violating customer privacy or compromising  the quality of services.

     Increase Team Productivity With CRM Software

    CRM software, you can simultaneously improve your team’s productivity and deliver superior CX. When you use CRM software technology, there is no guesswork or back-and-forth in the customer support process. This way you can improve your support metrics while getting real-time insight into how much time you spend in live chat with a customer. It certainly frees up a lot of time for agents to spend handling more requests.

     Last but not the least

     While CRM software alone can take the support process to a new level, when embedded in live chat, it also improves the entire mechanism. People have already liked the live chat support because it gives real-time results, but for a user who is not technical, it is a challenge to follow the instructions of the support agent. CRM software fills this information gap. This technology allows agents to deliver instant responses, real-time corrections directly from the customer’s screen, without  screen sharing. Most importantly, it allows agents to collect data every time they take any action, which in the long run will help you make informed decisions.

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