Best clear iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cases in 2023

    I’ve always liked these minimalist transparent covers and have tried almost every brand on the market. So, if you’re looking for the best clear iPhone 14 cases, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of my favorites; browse through them and pick your favorite!

    Apple clear case with MagSafe. The clear case for iPhone 14 designed by Apple is slim, light, and made of a combination of flexible materials and polycarbonate. As a result, it’s comfortable to hold.As a result, you can boost protection while still showing off the iPhone 14’s gorgeous colored aluminum surface.

    Military Grade Protection – Mkeke Clear Case

    Mkeke clear case with military-grade protection for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro
    Mike’s compelling case brings a lot to the table.

    It also serves as a durable and protective bumper case, thanks to built-in airbag corners and 3.9mm raised edges. I even like the feel of the volume and power buttons; they match and function perfectly.
    Another advantage of the case is that it is made of polycarbonate materials, which means it will not yellow over time.


    Strong construction that looks great

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (MagFit) – Excellent value
    Spigen offers high-quality iPhone 14 clear cases at reasonable prices. The integrated magnetic ring provides a non-distorted MagSafe connection. The Air Cushion Technology, in conjunction with the Mil-grade drop protection, absorbs shock and accidental drops.

    ESR clear case with HaloLock – Includes a traditional kickstand

    Clear ESR iPhone 14 case

    The ESR best clear case for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro max includes a sturdy metal kickstand. As a result, you can set your iPhone to the optimal angle between 0 and 85 degrees. The MagSafe compatibility enables wireless charging in-place. Air-Guard corners will protect your iPhone from drops and bumps

    Totallee clear case

    Totallee’s sleek, unbranded case protects without adding bulk or detracting from the appearance. It’s made of tough, flexible TPU material and has a 0.03′′ slim and simple design that’s guaranteed to fit the new iPhone. The camera is protected from surface scratches by the raised corners around it.
    A rubbery surface provides additional grip even with damp or sweaty palms. Because it is the thinnest case for the iPhone 14, it works well with wireless MagSafe charging. It also does not yellow over time and is lint-free.


    Ultra-slim with added grip

    2-year warranty against lint and yellowing

    Speck Presidio Perfect – Magsafe with high drop protection

    MagSafe iPhone 14 Case in Speck

    The Presidio Perfect-Clear MagSafe case is one of the clearest protective cases available, and it was designed with Apple’s MagSafe feature in mind. It provides 13-foot drop protection as well as antibacterial protection. Because of special anti-aging materials and clear impact technology, the transparent casing will last longer. I liked the transparent phone cushioning rubber that compresses drop impacts and protects your phone from damage. It also has a raised bezel that protects your camera and screen from scratches.


    Drop protection up to 13 feet
    Microban antimicrobial defence
    Grip is rubberized.

    Blason case with integrated screen protector

    I-Blason iPhone 14 clear case

    If you don’t want a standard robust case, consider the i-Blason Ares iPhone clear case. It protects your iPhone 14 Pro by covering every crevice and edge with a transparent full-body cover. Another advantage of using this case is that it already includes a built-in touch-sensitive screen protector with the front frame the TPU and polycarbonate construction material is scratch resistant. Its raised bezels around the camera and screen provide security. In addition, the case is compatible with any wireless charger.
    The Otter Box Symmetry Series – Antimicrobial Clear Case

    OtterBox clear case for iPhone 14

    OtterBox is an excellent choice among clear cases for iPhone 14 due to its reputation for producing tough and durable covers. This Otterbox symmetry series case features an antimicrobial transparent cover. I recommend it because of its MagSafe-compatible built-in magnets and 50% recycled plastic construction. As a result, if you care about the environment, you’ll appreciate it.

    Furthermore, the brand-new Stay Clear solution ensures that your case remains completely clear. It uses DROP+ protection, which can withstand three times as many drops as the military standard. As a result, your iPhone is safe from drops and bumps.
    Does not support a camera lens protector.
    The cloudy white back panel

    Clear iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Cases

    We’ve included clear cases from some of the most popular accessory manufacturers, including Spigen, ESR, Mkeke, OtterBox, and many more. There are also thin, rugged, and standard cases available. So, using the table below, select the case that best meets your requirements.

    Because the sizes of the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1-inch) and 14 Pro Max (6.7-inch) are clearly different, the cases are not interchangeable. To avoid complications, please select the correct case for your iPhone model.
    The Best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Cases Available Right Now
    Here are some of the best cases for Apple’s latest models, with the majority of them being MagSafe-compatible.

    This article includes:

    What Should You Look for When Purchasing an iPhone Case
    The top iPhone 14 cases

    FAQs about the iPhone 14 case

    Is a case necessary for the iPhone 14 Pro?

    Whether you bought an iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus, you’ll need a new cover to keep your new phone safe.

    Best iPhone 14 cases

    The best iPhone 14 case collection, Many of Speck’s iPhone 13 case designs have been ported to the iPhone 14, including popular transparent models like the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear Grips, as well as the Presidio2 Pro. And right now, all Speck cases are 40% off,
    All of the new models have good drop protection (13 to 16 feet, depending on the model) as well as Speck’s Microban antimicrobial protection. Speck frequently offers first-time buyers a discount on any model.

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